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My favourite vegan ingredients!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

To start, I have always been a pretty lazy cook and need to know the most convenient ways to meet the demands of my body while getting some nice flavours. Therefore, I have looked at the various ingredients I use and have come up with a short list of my favourites! Below is that list with a short description as to why I like them!

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  • Kidney Beans or chickpeas - Well balanced macros, high in protein and as they are pretty flavourless, they can be added pretty much to any main meal.

  • Chia seeds - A very nutrient dense food! Contain large amounts of Omega-3, calcium, iron and protein, plus lots of other nutrients! Can make great smoothies and desserts with this too!

  • Avocado - A great product for its texture and taste, but not just that, they carry a nice amount of healthy fats amongst other nutrients too!

  • Pumpkin seeds - Another great food which is dense in iron, and again something that is pretty flavourless and can easily be added to any meal!

  • Leafy greens - My favourites are spinach, kale and watercress! Nutrient dense including iron and calcium, plus can be easily added to any main meal with ease!

  • Blueberries - For me it's because they simply taste great in my morning porridge, but as a bonus they are high in anti-oxidants and include some other vitamins and minerals.

  • Fortified alternative milks - Great for getting a dose of vitamin B12, plus some other nutrients that are harder to come by, and have a multitude of uses in cooking and drinks.

Naturally, on a vegan diet you are not going to be short of most vitamins and minerals, but for the ones that are a bit more scarce these ingredients will cover you pretty well and keep you healthy with moderate use!

I find my list of favourite ingredients is always evolving as I experiment with my cooking, learn more about nutrient content and simply try more foods! Therefore, I encourage you to do the same! experiment with new foods and recipes otherwise you will never learn what works for you!

Hope this helps give some direction to what can be useful to cook with and will update again soon!

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