About Me

Hello! I am Adam Layzell, and this some of my story! Since leaving university back in 2014, where I got a degree in Sports Therapy and a qualification in personal training, many things have happened. 

Firstly, I set-up my own business where I run a injury clinic and personal train clients in a gym. I have been doing this for the past 4+ years with great success and have gained plenty of experience and a variety of qualifications to boot. 

During this time, I also made the best choice of my life and became vegan, and it is a choice I wish I had done much sooner. That sense of relief in knowing I am not contributing to any animal harm through what I eat, doing my part for the environment, not constricted to the social 'norms' of my friends and family, and finally realising that what you're taught in schools is not fact, and that I don't need to eat meat or dairy to be healthy. 

This has lead me to my next project of being a online personal trainer dedicated to helping those who want to improve their fitness on a plant-based diet. In turn, I hope that I can not only help current vegans with their nutrition and exercise, but also encourage non-vegans to adopt a plant-based diet too. 

In addition to my work background, I try to engage with as many different sports and exercise as possible. I grew up playing football, have embarked on multiple snowboarding trips, bouldered at Fontainebleau in France, dipped myself into freezing water at the lake district in England, and have climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa.

Whatever your goals, I am sure I can get you there. 

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