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About Me

Hello! I am Adam Layzell and this is some of my story! Since leaving university back in 2014, where I got a degree in Sports Therapy and a qualification in Personal Training, many things have happened. 

First, I set-up my own business where I ran a injury clinic and delivered gym-based personal training for clients. With eight years (and counting) of experience, I have had plenty of success, learnt a great deal more, and added many certificates to my ever growing collection of qualifications. During the UK Covid-19 lockdown, I set myself the challenge of researching and writing a comprehensive guide to plant-based fitness. Just finishing this daunting task was a huge achievement but now I'm delighted to share that the book is out in the world and hope it can help you - take a look here.

Outside of work, I try to engage with as many different sports and exercise as possible. I grew up playing football but have added more unusual experiences to keep my mind as active as my body. I enjoy snowboarding, bouldering (in Cardiff or Fontainebleau, France), and even climbing hills (hello Brecon Beacons) and mountains (Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa to name a big one).

In September 2017, I made the best choice of my life and became vegan. It is a decision I wish I had made much sooner. I feel a sense of relief in knowing I am not contributing to any direct animal harm through what I eat. And I know I am doing my part for the environment. It was a good surprise to learn that you don't need to eat meat or dairy to be healthy.

I am currently based in Cardiff and  provide one-on-one personal training. If you are local and have a fitness goal in mind, I am sure I can get you there! For everyone who doesn't get to experience the delights of Cardiff on a daily basis, I also provide online training. Check out my personalised online plans here.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for tips, ideas and to see my adventures unfold.

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