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Meat - Not for Health

It is now common knowledge that meat is not necessary for our diets, but increasingly more evidence is highlighting it's anything but healthy!

Previously, it was a commonly held believe that we needed meat as part of our diets for health, well, in wealthy countries, where it has been worth a lot of money to convince us to eat it. Therefore, leaders in the animal industry have spent a good fortune on advertisement and politicians to deceive the population to want meat. Even today in the UK meat is still apart of the Eatwell guide, which is just ridiculous. Canada's food guide has moved to following what the science suggests is best for nutrition and health, rather than allowing industry leaders having a say, and guess what? Unsurprisingly, animal produce is being pushed out.

Over the years more and more research has been highlighting probable links of meat consumption with health condition's, like bowel cancer. A recent study (02 March 2021) conducted in UK looked at 475,000 men and women and links of meat consumption and the risk of 25 (non-cancerous) common conditions. It found the consumption of meat, at a minimum of just three times a week, lead to increasing the risk of nine of these illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia. See the study here.

Through my research for my book How to train your vegan, I found no actual benefits of meat consumption. Yes, meat has calories, protein, and some minerals, but so does all plant food! What plant foods don't bring to the table though are cancer and disease! In fact, they have many properties to fight against them! And yes, you can reach all your fitness targets on a diet of just plants! Check out my book here for all the information you need on plant-based fitness.

In conclusion, if you favour your health, and the health of those that benefit from your cooking, then your food should only be compromised of plants!

Veganism is, without doubt, the future of food.

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