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A Little Bit About My Channel

Us, Nature and the Future

As many people are aware or have heard of, the world is not doing so good, and that is a direct result of our actions. 

I became vegan first and foremost because of the impact I was having on wildlife. The very thing I love to immerse myself in, marvel at and enjoy. Whether I am feeding swans at my local lake, spotting the big 5 on a Safari in Tanzania, or being mesmerized by a big school of barracuda scuba diving in Menorca. 

It is not just about the animals, but the plants and all their habitats - and ultimately what these ecosystems represent - a harmony and variety of life that finds a way to live together sustainably. 

Humans are the exception in the world. We take and take, and have failed thus far to give enough back to the world and all its inhabitants. We over estimate our ability to solve disasters after they have come into fruition or under estimating the threats that pose us, when simply dampening or preventing the cause is the safest and easiest solution for everyone. 

This is why I have started a channel - a small way I can contribute to raise awareness of current events, actions and science that will hopefully highlight the responsibility we all have to protecting our future and nature we all rely upon.

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