In these unprecdented times and where much of the population is in isolation with limited, or no access, to the gym or the outside can be detrimental to your fitness and health. Therefore to keep you going I have compiled a mixture of bodyweight workouts and a mix of recipies that will keep you going through any isolation period of over 2 weeks and beyond!


Included in the care package: 

  • 5 unique home body-weight workouts (2 strength and 3 HIIT)

  • 32 different exercises all with pictures and decriptions

  • 8 easy to make recipes that use common ingredients and provide good nutrients as well as flavour! Not only that, they are easily adaptable, most are gluten-free in addition to all being vegan! (2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 4 dinner) 


Using this you can maintain your fitness and health, and progress to your goals! Don't allow this isolation to strip your motivation or progress!

Quarantine Care Package

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