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Quarantine Home Workout

Hope you are all well during this uncertain period of time! 🤞 But with everyone finding themselves in isolation without gyms and equipment, it can be hard to stay motivated to do any exercise. Though, we need to use the spare time and energy we have to our advantage!

I have compiled a HIIT home workout here to give a go and get your heart rate racing! No equipment is needed, just your own body weight!

Below find images and descriptions for each of the 6 exercises

Have fun with the workout! Adjust the number of sets or the time of each exercise to make it easier or harder based on your fitness level, but give this one a try first!

If you have found this useful, then take a look at my Quarantine Care Package!

For just £1 you get:

- 5 home workouts that require no equipment!

- Over 30 exercises with pictures and descriptions for each!

- 8 Vegan recipes, that are very adaptable

Purchase the Care package here

Good luck with your isolation and keep safe as well as fit!

Adam Layzell, Vegan Fitness Coach

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